Monday, December 7, 2009

I just wanted to take this time to remember Grandpa. I miss him so much and will be thinking of him more than usual today!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rainbow Bridge 2009

Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell

Family Letter

November 2009
Dear Family,
Mom has reminded me numerous times that it is my turn to write the family letter. I admit it is good to receive them from each of you but for some reason it is hard for me to get around writing the letter.
I know that many of you guys are on face book and other computer programs and keep in touch with each other. Who knows, maybe someday I will learn how to get signed up and be able to communicate with each of you.

This being the thanksgiving time of year, I need to let you know how blessed we have been as a family and appreciate all the support that we receive from all of our family.
Maxine was recently called as a councilor in the Relief Society Presidency. She is in the Presidency with two ladies who have been in Young Women for years which means that she is has the experience and can keep them in line.
Chad’s family is doing well. He is working at Capital Community Bank in Orem and is having about as much fun banking as I am. In case you haven’t noticed, the economy is not doing very well and banking was a lot more fun when banks were making money.
Dylan turned 12 on the 15th of this month. We were privileged to be able to attend the conformation and ordination of him receiving the priesthood and being ordained a Deacon in the priesthood.
Olivia is a real dancer. Her dance class preformed at half time at the Jazz game earlier this month. From Marc’s report she was the cutest one on the floor. Maxine is teaching her, Lily, Emma and Jaidon weekly piano lessons.
Todd’s family is also doing well. He and LeAnna are busy raising their 4 children and running to all of their activities. J R had his 8th birthday the 6th of November and we attended his baptism along with most of our family.
It has been a family tradition that on labor-day each year for the Payson’s Onion Days celebration Todd’s family comes to visit and run the 5k or 10k race along with others. Participants this year were Todd & Leanna who run the 10K. Then Hope, Jaidon, Sara, Anne, Juan, Marc, Julie, Dylan and Olivia run the 5K. Jaidon was 1st place in his division and Hope won 3rd in hers.

Brandon and Hope seem to have most of the drama going on in their lives at this time. The real blessing has been Levi who had his heart surgery on the 10th of the month. We are so grateful for how well everything went. The OPEN HEART surgery was on an Tuesday and he came home on Friday. We were so impressed with Dr Adity Kaza. Hope and I just went to a checkup at Primary Children’s Hospital and the Dr said Levi has a “good heart”. We appreciate all of you and the prayers that were offered for the little guy. Thank You!

Brandon is working at the Spring Hills Suites. We ALL appreciate the family and friends discounts he helps us with.

Anne is working at the mortgage department for Bank of American Fork. I know they have been doing well, and I am sure she loves her job. She and Juan just returned from a vacation to that place in California where the mouse takes all you money.

Sara is cutting my hair along with most of the members of our family. Blake has a job with the school district as a custodian at the New Maple Mountain High School in Mapleton. It seems to be a good job, but he has a swing shift schedule which leaves Sara home at night with the kids. Bryton and the twins started preschool this year and all happen to be in the same group. I think the teacher should receive extra pay for having those three in the same class.

Marc and Allison have some great news. They will have a little baby boy in February!! That will be neat. They have bought a home in Tremonton, Ut and Marc really likes his job.
Just this month, he has been to a SF 49ers game and a Denver Bronco’s game to help with the punt, pass & kick competition at halftime. He also won season tickets to all the Jazz home games.

We are so grateful to have such a supportive and wonderful family.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We love you all

Greg Christensen

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Levi's Heart Surgery

Hello Family,
It's been a long time since I've posted. Thought I would share what's been going on with us the past couple of weeks (and grandma keeps asking me if I've blogged about this yet!).
November 10th we took Levi in for reparative heart surgery. In simple terms he had one large hole and one small hole patched and one valve repaired. Everything went remarkably well and he is now home, happy and on his way to a long healthy life. This surgery should be the only one he will need throughout his life.

This is Levi about an hour before the surgery. Isn't he cute in his hospital pjs?

Levi right after the surgery. I was expecting him to look a lot worse, so I was actually pleasantly surprised. The doctor told me he would be on a ventilator and very swollen. Turns out Levi did so well during the surgery he was able to be taken off of the ventilator in the operating room.

This is Levi with his surgeon, Dr. Kaza. I have great respect for this man. He is an amazing surgeon and person. When he told us he would take good care of Levi, he really meant it. I think you can tell within the first couple of minutes of visiting with a doctor if they really care about the patient. Dr. Kaza really does care!
This is as close to smiling as Levi came for two days. He was so mad at whoever's decision it was to put him through the pain. He would just glare at whoever was there, which is SO out of character for him. But, isn't he cute. I think he will be a doctor someday, he really does have a fascination for all things medical:)

This is Levi the day he was discharged. Back to all smiles. He really is recovering remarkable fast.
I've said it before, but Thank You again for all of your love, support, prayers and concern. I really do have the best family a girl could ask for!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Well I thought that I would show some proof......that I really did marry a "real" cowboy:) Every October we sell the calves and this is the BIG round up. If anyone ever wants to come visit your more than Welcome.......but summer is the best time to come! this is up on our forest permit it's Awesome!
this is our holding pasture

Ave (my little girl) is on the back of the horse with her cousin whitnie...they were quite the cowgirls this year!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandma's letter

August 2009

Dear Family,

This has been a hard letter for me to write but the tradition must go on; Marvin’s request when he graduated from college, June 1993. They are a history and a treasure to keep and reread.

My life is in a new chapter - nine months without my husband. Read thru his Patriarchal Blessing given to him in 1980 by his uncle J. Angus Christensen. It mentioned our good heritage,

“How blessed to be born to wonderful parents that teach us how to be honest, truthful, accept responsibility, to work and to love our fellow men. These are the greatest teachings you can ever get in life.”

I think these are the attributes he lived by. We enjoyed working together in the Provo temple for six years (1988-1994). Also enjoyed many other church callings, thankful for the health and strength to do so.

Like to mention as a family how you pampered us. 1996 a gift certificate at the Yardly Inn at Manti, UT. It was the Honeymoon Suite full of elegant things. Then again in 2000 we returned to Lavender and Lace Suite. We did go thru the temple, which really made it special.

Back in 1986 in Salt Lake we had a room, 1502, in the Little America Hotel. The room was powder blue and very elegant. We had lobster dinner with Sunday brunch. Still again in 2003 we entered the Grand America Hotel room 1089 (the treats were on us not the hotel in the room). This was on our 58th wedding anniversary June 4th. Went to temple. These were some of the very special times we had together.

The first of this year I did do some traveling to visit my family. Starting on Feb 13 Rod took me to the airport. Off I went to visit Marvin and family being there for Hayden’s 18th Bday. Then to Darrell’s and celebrated Diana’s Bday (note from Diana: it was really Darrell’s birthday). I made it to Susan’s for her Bday – they did a good job relaying me from one place to another.

June meant two handsome Grandson’s graduating from High School – Hayden and Harrison. So Dave and Bonnie graciously took me and we left June 1st. First stop Brookings, OR. Stayed with Bill, Kristen, Kaylee, Elise, Gaven for 6 sleeps. Fun time in a beautiful area. Heading for Livermore we stopped at Darrell’s for 2 sleeps (note from Diana: This is when we celebrated my birthday) Got to Hayden’s graduation enjoying the youth on the 12th. 3 sleeps there then went to San Francisco, from there to Darrell’s. He keep the lights on for us. Up and to Battleground for Harrison’s big event. So pleased to be with them at this special occasion. After 3 sleeps we headed for Perry, UT. Hospitality plus from all.

Our family continues to grow. The blog will keep you updated with pictures. Kenadie Nicole Christensen # 114 and more to come.


“The most important things in life aren’t things.”

They are our loved ones.

Words just don’t seem enough to express my love and appreciation for all of you-

Your a wonderful family. Love,

Mother – mom – Grandma


Monday, September 28, 2009


So sorry to all the September birthdays and anniversaries! I was completely consumed by the show my theatre company just put on (Footloose, the Musical, it was really fun!) and fell behind on so many other things in my life. The show is over now so I have finally posted September, but please, if you ever see me falling down on my job again feel free to step in and pick up the slack.

How is everyone? There haven't been too many posts lately. We have yet to hear from Marvin! :)

I am planning to put Grandma's recent letter on here so everyone can read it, so stay tuned!
Love you all! Diana

The picture is of part of my Footloose cast and me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a BOY!

There hasn't been in post in a while, but I thought people might want to know that we just found out that the new baby is going to be a boy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There will be at least one more great grandchild in the family!

I'm sure glad we bought the family car.  Allison is about 13 weeks along, and she is having so much fun being pregnant.  She really likes the sleepless nights, and the increased sense of smell is always interesting, especially when she drives by a dead skunk and has to multi-task driving and dry heaving.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All these adorable babies makes me really want to have one, so I am!!! I just found out I am about 5 weeks cookin! I have been craving fish, must be the iron, and we made a trip of it. Nicole and I with families in tow went down to Soldotna on the Kenai penninsula and went dip netting, it was wonderful!

Love, Adrienne

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here are the long awaited pictures of our new angel. There are million more but here are just a few of Garrett and Holly's new addition. What a blessing!!!!

Kenadie Nicole Christensen: Born July 2, 2009 8bs 1oz 21.25 "
Grama Claire is so happy to be here with Kenadie
Proud Daddy and Mommy couldn't be happier!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I feel like Cayle and I haven't written anything for a while! Just wanted to say hello to everyone and give an update on what's going on with us. Our one year anniversary is coming up on July 26th, and we can't believe how quickly this first year has gone by. We are really excited to go back to Monterey Bay where we honeymoon'd... but this time we are going to camp right on the beach! We'll make sure to post some pictures!

Also we want to congratulate Garrett and Holly and also Shawn and Kathryn on the births of their baby girls! We are so envious!

We miss you all and hope you had a wonderful 4th of July :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nickolaus and Theresa's Engagement!

Here are some pics of the happy couple. Save May 29th, 2010 on your calendar for their wedding!

Congratulations Garrett and Holly on the newest addition to the family, Kenadie Nicole - born July 2nd. She follows right on the heels of little baby Adison!

I hope everyone is having a Happy and safe 4th of July!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

baby Ivins

our baby is here! she was born june 10 and was 6lbs 12oz and was 20 inches long......we aren't sure about her name but will have one soon!

Friday, June 5, 2009


This is for June, and all the summers it brings
For the chiming of bells.....from a steeple ring
Olde songs of wedlock over top hat, and lace
'Fore June passes torch, to July's scarlet face

Sorry I'm late getting the June birthdays and anniversaries posted! My theatre company has a lot going on this month and I have been a bit swamped. I wanted to post that wedding picture of Grandma and Grandpa in place of Grandpa's picture this month in honor of their wedding anniversary, but my scanner is acting up. Does anyone have that one saved on their computer that they can send me? Or, could someone post it for me? I love that picture and it would be so perfect for June. I'd also love it if one of you bloggers with cute pages could update this one with a new background. I planned to do that too and I just haven't had time.

I love all the posts that have gone up. I am waiting for Marvin to post something. He said he was going to, but it hasn't happened yet. Marvin, Marvin, Marvin (come on everyone... chant with me) I also love looking at everyone's blogs. It is so fun to see what it going on in your lives. Keep blogging everyone... I know I am enjoying it!

Love you all!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just a few pictures of the beautiful scenery here in Alaska! However, after taking the picture, I had to quickly call Nicole and tell her an eagle was is the neighborhood so she could protect her chickens! Man I would hate to give up any of my fresh eggs I get from her!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thanks for posting on the blog everyone, it is fun to see the new posts. Rylee's ski crawl is so cute - I have never seen anything like it!! She is original.
Dad's headstone is beautiful. It really is one of the nicest I have ever seen. Mom did a great job picking it out. It really is quite strange to see your name on a headstone, though.
Congratulations to Whitney and Clint on getting baby Tyan blessed. How neat to have four generations present for his blessing.
Just wanted to post some news of our own- Maddy will be going to the state tournament for girl's golf in a couple of weeks. She beat out her senior competitor by one stroke to take fifth place in our district to secure her spot at state. She is the only sophomore going to state. She is so excited. We will let you know how she does.
I am not very good at getting pictures placed in the right spot, but here are a few pictures of Maddy golfing, her volleyball team, and the group of us at Sunriver.
Keep on blogging -- we'll see you soon!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rylee Scoots

Blake and Sara's daughter Rylee has never crawled, she prefers scooting. For those of you who haven't been able to witness Rylee's scoot in person this is classic.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grandpa's Headstone

They came on Friday and placed Grandpa's Headstone. It is so gorgeous. Grandma did an amazing job picking it out!  Moroni on the top of the temple is even gold, it is really neat.  My family went up to the cemetery with her on Mother's Day to see it. She said she was up there the whole time the guys were placing it to make sure they did it just perfect!!! Can't wait for you all to see it in person, it is so pretty!

Tyan's Blessing

We blessed Tyan this past week and it was so special.  My dad gave Tyan his blessing and he did such a wonderful job.  We got to do a 4 generation picture, and I am so excited about it. I sure wish you all could have been there!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy (grand)mothers day!

I just wanted to tell grandma happy mothers day and to tell her thanks.......for all that she has done since I was little. She really helped me to become the person I am today! I didn't have a ton of pictures but these ones just show a little of the things I will always remember. I always thought that all families were just like ours but I realize that they are not.......not everyone knows ALL of their cousins and their wives and their kids and I know that because of grandma and grandpa we have one of the tightest families I know! the cheese balls that grandma brought every year to take down to the beach

I am so glad that I have kids who love to stop and see their grandma great!

even though she had a lot of grandkids she always made me feel special

she always tries to attend EVERY special occasion....blessings, graduations, weddings, birthdays and if she can't be there she sends a card and lets you know that she is thinking of you!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Break and Family Pics

Last month we took a nice little stay-cation to Park City for what was suppose to be Spring Break, but it was snowy and cold most of the time. We still had a really great time with grandma and the whole Greg Christensen clan. We stayed at the Marriott that sits right on the mountain by the Alpine Slides. It was a real shame none of us are skiiers. We could have walked right out of the door and hopped on the lift. Anyway, here are some pics from the trip.
Jaidon saying "What the heck, I thought this was suppose to be SPRING?"

Swimming in the snow

Warming up by the fire

Todd anticipating his trip to the pool

Can you believe this is the first time grandma has ever held a pool stick in her whole life!

Anne and Juan

Marc and Allison

On our way home Brandon and I took our kids for family pictures. Here are a few of the results...

How could that kid not put a smile on your face?