Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Happy New Year, everyone! We love you all and look forward always to the next time we can be together. 2010 was a wonderful but busy year for our family, with two weddings, a 50th anniversary party for Diana's parents, Bear Lake, Katie finishing her credential program, along with many other fun and exciting trips and events. We are slow posting pictures from Heather's wedding, but here they are. It was a wonderful couple of days made even more wonderful by having many of you there. We love you!

It was August 5, 2010 a beautiful day for a wedding....

The happy couple sealed for Time and all Eternity in the Oakland Temple.




Best Cousins

Best Friends

Family is Forever


Maddy caught the bouquet!

Mr and Mrs Barney

Following the ring ceremony

Yummy cake!

Beautiful Grandma & Beautiful Heather

Our Little Girl


Our beautiful girls.

Bonnie cutting a rug with Brett.

Greg and Maxine; the kind of marriage Brett and Heather can look up to and aspire to.

What a wonderful family. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The newest family member

Our little family is so excited to introduce our newest family member. Krew Owen was born on October 11th at 2:42 am (Grandma Jill was sure excited since he now shares his birthday with her). He was 7lbs 5oz and 19.5 inches long. He is such a bundle of joy! He is the 52nd great-grandchild. We are so excited for all of you to meet him. Hope everyone is doing well. We miss and love you all. Love Clint, Whitney, Tyan, and Krew.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We just wanted to thank all those who were able to come and share Nickolaus and Theresa's special day. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive family. It was so nice to have so many of you here and we are now looking forward to Heather's wedding and Bear Lake! Here are a few pics of the wedding!

Theresa was (is) so pretty!

Hugs and kisses and skizzy?

Eating our delicious dinner sprinkled with confetti!

The grandkids

And the gazebo that the guys helped Darrell put up. We are trying to decide which project to do when you come out for Heather's wedding!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Christensen Bear Lake 5k/10k

Calling all runners/walkers! I (with the help of my family) am organizing a Bear Lake 5k/10k road race. It will be Tuesday, August 17 at 7 am. Please spread the word so we can get as much of the family involved as possible. I will be working on getting some awards, etc. Let me know if you are interested.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Congratualtions to Heather! Sid and I are so excited for Nick and Theresa's wedding. We are anxious to see all of you that are going to be there.

Many of you know that I have had a busy year with my family. Starting off the New Year with Quinn Matthew Christensen's birth on January 11th. He is almost 4 months old already and is he a cutie!!! For more updated pictures, who'll have to visit Kyle and Talia's blog.
We also celebrated Kyle's 26th birthday

Then up to Alaska I went for the birth of Kassidy Claire Johnson, March 24th. She was just 2 weeks old here, check out those beautiful eyes!
About 5 weeks here. (Holly made the head band, cute, huh?) Sid and I have been blessed with some incredibly good looking grandchildren and oh so sweeeet! :)

Then my little Kenadie and her parents Garrett and Holly came to San Diego for a visit! Yeah, we love visitors, especially when they are as cute as this:

Kenadie, who is 9 1/2 months old here was such a big helper picking strawberries, oranges and she picked our first tomatoe(and ate it)

We also had fun hiking together
and going to the beach together

Oh how I love being a Grandma!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My 21st Birthday! :)

Hey Everyone!! This is Heather..

I had a really exciting birthday, and thought I'd share some pics!

This is me opening presents..

This is me blowing out candles on my beautiful cake...

This is me cutting the cake.....

This is one of the presents I got..!

And this is my new FIANCE!!! :D

Yes I'm engaged! His name is Brett Barney. :) We don't have a permanent date yet, but hopefully somewhere towards the end of summer. I'm excited for everyone to meet him when you all come out for Nick and Theresa's wedding in May! I love you all!! :)

Heather Feather

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Phyllis

Phyllis Money Christensen born February 4, 1926

celebrated her 84th birthday
with us
We spent the first full day at Balboa Park
In museums

Enjoying the beautiful outdoors

Then we went to Coronado Island and ate at Miguels Cocina across from the Hotel Del Coronado

Isn't it beautiful?

The only 2 things Grandma wanted to do while she was here was to go to Disneyland and the Temple
the next day we went to the Temple


Much to our dismay, it was closed

we did the next best thing,

We went to the Beach

Grandma wants to let you all know how much fun she's having

Doing a little shopping and walking around the Carlsbad Inn

And watching the sunset over the Pacific

Yea, it's time to eat! We ate at our favorite fish place, the Fish House Vera Cruz

Then February 4th finally came and off to Disneyland we went, but first, a stop at California Adventure
Grandma may not like bugs

but Dave does

Bonnie and the Cars want to say HI

We all agreed that Flying Over California was our favorite ride

this is a close second

Then Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Disneyland we Go

I think this is my favorite pic
aren't they so cute!?!

Guess what ride this is?
If you said, It's a Small World,

you are correct!

We ate at the RainForrest Cafe in DowntownDisney and celebrated Grandma's birthday with a song and a small dessert so we could go home and have this:

It was late but we had to have her birthday cake on her birthday!

Dave pooped out and went to bed but the rest of us rejuvinated in the Spa
We all slept very well that night and rested up the next day and then we went out to dinner to our favorite Italian, Filippi's Grotto, Oh Yum!
Grandma's thinking, Do I have to eat all that?

Saturday, Nick and Teresa and Tyler and Marina came over and Dave and Sid cooked a fabulous breakfast for all

Too bad we didn't get a picture of all the Avacado's but we did happen to get Susan picking Oranges

She was so cute with those oranges

Here is the gang eating, one more time

before we say Goodbye

A special thanks to Susan for all these great pictures and for flying down from Washington to be with us, and for Todd and the kids for letting her come. Another big thank you to Dave for driving Bonnie and Grandma the whole way! Thank you for coming, we will always treasure these memories! And to all the rest of the family we want you to know that you are always welcome!