Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thanks for posting on the blog everyone, it is fun to see the new posts. Rylee's ski crawl is so cute - I have never seen anything like it!! She is original.
Dad's headstone is beautiful. It really is one of the nicest I have ever seen. Mom did a great job picking it out. It really is quite strange to see your name on a headstone, though.
Congratulations to Whitney and Clint on getting baby Tyan blessed. How neat to have four generations present for his blessing.
Just wanted to post some news of our own- Maddy will be going to the state tournament for girl's golf in a couple of weeks. She beat out her senior competitor by one stroke to take fifth place in our district to secure her spot at state. She is the only sophomore going to state. She is so excited. We will let you know how she does.
I am not very good at getting pictures placed in the right spot, but here are a few pictures of Maddy golfing, her volleyball team, and the group of us at Sunriver.
Keep on blogging -- we'll see you soon!!