Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grandma's letter

August 2009

Dear Family,

This has been a hard letter for me to write but the tradition must go on; Marvin’s request when he graduated from college, June 1993. They are a history and a treasure to keep and reread.

My life is in a new chapter - nine months without my husband. Read thru his Patriarchal Blessing given to him in 1980 by his uncle J. Angus Christensen. It mentioned our good heritage,

“How blessed to be born to wonderful parents that teach us how to be honest, truthful, accept responsibility, to work and to love our fellow men. These are the greatest teachings you can ever get in life.”

I think these are the attributes he lived by. We enjoyed working together in the Provo temple for six years (1988-1994). Also enjoyed many other church callings, thankful for the health and strength to do so.

Like to mention as a family how you pampered us. 1996 a gift certificate at the Yardly Inn at Manti, UT. It was the Honeymoon Suite full of elegant things. Then again in 2000 we returned to Lavender and Lace Suite. We did go thru the temple, which really made it special.

Back in 1986 in Salt Lake we had a room, 1502, in the Little America Hotel. The room was powder blue and very elegant. We had lobster dinner with Sunday brunch. Still again in 2003 we entered the Grand America Hotel room 1089 (the treats were on us not the hotel in the room). This was on our 58th wedding anniversary June 4th. Went to temple. These were some of the very special times we had together.

The first of this year I did do some traveling to visit my family. Starting on Feb 13 Rod took me to the airport. Off I went to visit Marvin and family being there for Hayden’s 18th Bday. Then to Darrell’s and celebrated Diana’s Bday (note from Diana: it was really Darrell’s birthday). I made it to Susan’s for her Bday – they did a good job relaying me from one place to another.

June meant two handsome Grandson’s graduating from High School – Hayden and Harrison. So Dave and Bonnie graciously took me and we left June 1st. First stop Brookings, OR. Stayed with Bill, Kristen, Kaylee, Elise, Gaven for 6 sleeps. Fun time in a beautiful area. Heading for Livermore we stopped at Darrell’s for 2 sleeps (note from Diana: This is when we celebrated my birthday) Got to Hayden’s graduation enjoying the youth on the 12th. 3 sleeps there then went to San Francisco, from there to Darrell’s. He keep the lights on for us. Up and to Battleground for Harrison’s big event. So pleased to be with them at this special occasion. After 3 sleeps we headed for Perry, UT. Hospitality plus from all.

Our family continues to grow. The blog will keep you updated with pictures. Kenadie Nicole Christensen # 114 and more to come.


“The most important things in life aren’t things.”

They are our loved ones.

Words just don’t seem enough to express my love and appreciation for all of you-

Your a wonderful family. Love,

Mother – mom – Grandma