Friday, March 20, 2009

Marshall preparing for his mission.

Grandma and "Lola" the Lexus

My birthday dinner at Chevy's

Harrison the Eagle

Grandma and Dani

Grandma loves Sophie!!

My yummy birthday cake

Family golf time.

After this past winter, I think we have been annexed into Alaska. At least now these crazy people from Washington are getting used to a little snow and they don't cancel everything every time there is a possibility of snow in the forecast. Anyway, we are quite sick of the snow now and can't wait until summer.

Yeah - it's the first day of spring!!!!!

Maddy at her first golf tournament.

Dani's first 4.0!

Family Letter

Dear Family,

Okay, I am finally getting the family letter out. I was so excited when Diana sent news about our new blog, because everyone can view the family letters and post their own news. I think mom is not too excited about it because she wants to get it in the mail, but I told her that instead of getting her family letter at the post office, she just needs to walk over the Greg's and look at it on the computer, she doesn't even need a key!!

Here is the update on our family:

Harrison is an adult now - 18 years old and proud of it. He will be graduating on June 16. We are looking forward to having Dave and Bonnie escort mom to his graduation after they stop at Hayden's for his graduation. He is also an Eagle Scout, and has been accepted to BYU Idaho, along with Hayden. He is looking forward to taking the snowboarding class that they offer there. He will probably attend until April and be ready to go on his mission as soon as he is finished.

Maddy will be getting her license in June and looks forward to not having me drive her around anymore. She is playing #2 on the high school golf team and is also playing club volleyball. It keeps her really busy and she looks forward to Sunday for her "day of rest". She plans on spending the whole summer in Utah. We are planning on getting her a summer job there so she doesn't have too much time to chase all the cute mormon boys.

Marshall just had his 14th birthday. He has grown about a foot over the last year and is now as tall as me. He is doing well in school and is looking forward to going to high school next year. He has taken up skateboarding and snowboarding and enjoys doing both in his spare time.

Dani is in 6th grade and will be advancing into Young Women's this summer. I can't believe it!! I won't have any more kids in primary. That makes me sad. I tell her to quit growing up, but she says she has to. She has been playing basketball this year, and her team took first place. She enjoys school and is looking forward to coming to Utah this summer.

Todd is keeping busy in the office. He still adjusts a few horses, too. He really enjoys going to the golf tournaments and watching the kids play. I think the golf bug runs in the family. He is on his third year of teaching seminary. If you were to ask him right now if he is going to teach next year, he would probably say no, but my guess is that he will teach one more year.

I am not really sure what I do all the time, a little bit of everything, I guess. That's probably why I am not really good at anything, just okay at a lot of things. We sure had a fun time having mom here to visit. I got to celebrate my birthday for a whole week. I even got german chocolate birthday cake. It was yummy!! We hope that she will come on a regular basis.

I think that this family blog is a wonderful idea. We can post new baby pictures (hint, hint, Rod and Jill), oh yeah, they don't even have an email address. Would someone please get them on-line. Congratulations, by the way to Whitney and Clint on the arrival of their new baby boy, Tyan, on March 12.

This blog is also a great way for us to honor dad, especially for his birthday on Sunday. It seems weird to not send a birthday card to him, but maybe we can all post a special thought or memory to honor him on his birthday.

We sure love all of you, and wish that we could see you more often. We will be seeing Darrell, Diana and Heather on the 30th at Sunriver. We are going to spend the week riding motorcycles, snowboarding and sitting in the hot tub. We will post pictures when we get home.

Oh, wait, Greg, I am supposed to ask you - how do you make a nine on a par three?

Love to you all -- Susan and family