Sunday, April 5, 2009

A few of our Sun River pics


Greg's Family and Vacation

Bryton & Rylee's Birthdays

Rylee is so happy to be 1 year old!

Bryton is 3

In February our family started having a monthly FHE. This is the group that meets at our home.

These are the little terriost that come for the treats!

Maxine and I went to ToroWeep, Arizonia with our Lake Powell friends. In order to get there we went through Colorado City, Arizonia and checked out the pologymist babes. Then we traveled on dirt roads for 60 miles to get to ToroWeep. It is the narrowest part of the Grand Canyon.

It was really a beautiful view, but I couldn't get Maxine to stand too close to the edge.

On the way back we drove 90 miles on dirt road back to St George and had two flat tires on the same vehicle. How many people do you think it takes to change a flat tire in the middle of nowhere?
I can tell you it takes until 12:30 am to get home!
Levi's Blessing

Brandon and Hope blessed Levi on March 29th. This is part of the group that attended and we had a good meal at Brandon and Hope's to break in their new finished basement. Grandma took the picture. (She is our professional photographer!) The Tueller's flew in from Washington for
the special occasion.

Grandma Great & Levi #111

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Beleive it or not I have opened a new account so we can blog with the rest of you!!