Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa

In honor of grandpa's birthday I thought I would share a memory I had of him.

Many years ago I traveled to Blanding with some of the family. I can't even remember for sure who went, but I know my dad, grandma and grandpa were there. We stopped at a rest stop to use the restroom and walk around. While we were there we saw a family who had a packed car that was filled with a bunch of stuff and some young children. They looked as if they were very tired, hungry and possibly even had a broken down car. I remember grandpa very quietly going over to them and handing them some money and wishing them good luck. He didn't say a word about it to any of us.

Grandpa was not the most talkative guy on the planet nor was he one to bring attention to himself in any way. But one thing he did do was give quietly where he saw a need. This is one thing about grandpa that I will always remember.